Roberto Bifulco

Manager of the Intelligent Software Systems Group

NEC Laboratories Europe


I lead the Intelligent Software Systems (ISS) group at the NEC Laboratories Europe, in Heidelberg (Germany). My main research contributions are related to the design and implementation of computer systems, with a focus on networking. I am also generally interested in the design of computer architectures and programming models, and in the monitoring and analysis of complex networked systems’ behavior. Before joining NEC in 2012, I worked with startups and SMEs in cloud and IoT fields, with relevant work focused on the design of SMEs IT infrastructure virtualization, vehicle fleet monitoring and scalable video-audio sensor data collection. I hold a Ph.D. from the oldest state-supported higher education institution in the world: the University of Napoli “Federico II” (Italy).

In the ISS group, I am lucky to work with a formidable group of colleagues that cover a larger spectrum of topics, including high-performance computing systems, specialized operating systems for cloud servers and embedded devices, software-defined networking and network data analysis.